Covid-19 At Home Test
US Drug Test Centers is partnering with US Wellness to bring you [email protected], a complete COVID-19 workplace solution.  [email protected] provides digital monitoring and holistic risk assessment, integrated with COVID-19 testing on the US Drug Test Centers' platform, to empower smarter workforce management.

Testing is important, but testing an entire workforce daily or weekly is unsustainable nor practical. Digital monitoring and risk assessment will identify workers with high probability of having COVID-19 for isolation/quarantine or testing. 

It is smart to know who and when to test. Save your resources to better protect your workforce. 

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[email protected]

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Made Easy

Businesses that thrive in the age of coronavirus will be those who protect their most valuable assets: Their PEOPLE

Why SMART Testing?

  • Recurrent testing of every worker is neither practical nor economically sustainable
  • Digital monitoring can enable smarter, less frequent surveillance testing
  • Enlisting workers in timely medical care is critical for those with suspected infection
  • Providing support for mental wellness is paramount for morale and productivity

[email protected] combines monitoring with testing to ensure a safe and healthy workforce, saving time and resources

Quick and Easy to Implement

Configure, customize and activate in less than one week

Apricity Benefits guidelines

Get started with [email protected] today.

How It Works for Employees:

Employees feel safe and valued knowing the workforce is monitored

  • Employees report at-risk activities and symptoms anywhere, anytime
  • All information captured by [email protected] is secure and protected from employers
  • Individuals at risk of active COVID-19 infection are identified
  • High risk individuals receive prompts to stay home, get medically evaluated, request testing, or learn more
  • Employees can access health-related resources on the app

How It Works for Employers:

Understand who is at risk, and how decisions impact your business

  • Grant access to managers or department administrators
  • Identify liabilities with real time reports
  • Set and adjust parameters based on company policy, office location or department functions
  • Override as needed for extenuating circumstances
  • Make informed decisions based on current CDC guidelines and medical knowledge

[email protected] works for you. Identify which employees are most at risk. Understand who to test and when. Keep your workforce safe and active. Connect to learn more and get started.