US Drug Test Centers is partnering with Apricity Health to share with you a software for COVID-19 employee risk assessments, as a part of our complete COVID-19 workplace solution. US Drug Test Centers currently offers COVID-19 Antibody Testing nationwide. Through the software below, you will be able to have your employees check in every morning and log any potential COVID-19 related symptoms, to determine if they are cleared to come in to work or not.

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COVID-19 Risk Assessment Made Easy

Businesses that thrive in the age of coronavirus will be those who protect their most valuable assets: Their PEOPLE

Why SMART Testing?

  • Recurrent testing of every worker is neither practical nor economically sustainable
  • Digital monitoring can enable smarter, less frequent surveillance testing
  • Enlisting workers in timely medical care is critical for those with suspected infection
  • Providing support for mental wellness is paramount for morale and productivity

Apricity@Work combines monitoring with testing to ensure a safe and healthy workforce, saving time and resources

Quick and Easy to Implement

Configure, customize and activate in less than one week

Apricity Benefits guidelines

Get started with Apricity@Work today.

How It Works for Employees:

Employees feel safe and valued knowing the workforce is monitored

  • Employees report at-risk activities and symptoms anywhere, anytime
  • All information captured by Apricity@Work is secure and protected from employers
  • Individuals at risk of active COVID-19 infection are identified
  • High risk individuals receive prompts to stay home, get medically evaluated, request testing, or learn more
  • Employees can access health-related resources on the app

How It Works for Employers:

Understand who is at risk, and how decisions impact your business

  • Grant access to managers or department administrators
  • Identify liabilities with real time reports
  • Set and adjust parameters based on company policy, office location or department functions
  • Override as needed for extenuating circumstances
  • Make informed decisions based on current CDC guidelines and medical knowledge

Apricity@Work works for you. Identify which employees are most at risk. Understand who to test and when. Keep your workforce safe and active. Connect to learn more and get started.