Ketamine Hair Drug Test

Detecting Ketamine Use with Precision Hair Testing

The Ketamine Hair Drug Test is a specialized analysis designed to detect the presence of Ketamine, a powerful anesthetic that is sometimes misused as a recreational drug. This test is essential in various contexts, including legal investigations, employment screening, and substance abuse monitoring.

What is a Ketamine Hair Drug Test?

This test targets Ketamine and its metabolites in hair samples. Hair testing for Ketamine provides a longer detection window compared to traditional urine or blood tests, allowing for the identification of drug use over a period of weeks to months. This extended detection period is crucial for obtaining a comprehensive understanding of an individual's drug history.

The Ketamine Hair Drug Test is a vital tool for accurately identifying Ketamine use. Its long-term detection capability makes it highly valuable for ensuring safety in the workplace, aiding legal proceedings, and supporting healthcare providers in monitoring patient substance use.

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