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Nevada Transportation Authority Consortium

US Drug Test Centers provides many types of drug and alcohol programs including programs for companies that fall under the Nevada Transportation Authority. Drivers who fall under the NTA regulations are required to participate in a DOT Drug-Free Workplace look-alike program. This means that every driver must have a pre-employment drug test completed before driving and that they enroll into a random drug & alcohol testing program.

US Drug Test Centers is one of the only companies that offer a specific NTA random drug & alcohol program to ensure drivers are in compliance. The random drug & alcohol testing takes place each quarter. 25% of the drivers are tested for drugs and 10% of the drivers are tested for alcohol. The state of Nevada Department of Transportation has a zero tolerance for drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol on the job which could post serious safety and health risks not only to themselves but to the public and those working with them.

If you are new to the Nevada Transportation Authority program, you can find a copy of the Regulations and Licensing here. We offer programs for Owner Operators and Companies of all sizes. The first step in regards to drug and alcohol regulations under the NTA is to have a pre-employment drug test completed. The drug test required by the NTA is a 5 panel DOT Like urine drug test. If your company falls under the DOT regulations (26,000+ pounds or 16+ passengers including the driver) then you would be required to take a DOT 5 Panel urine drug test. Whether you fall under the DOT or NON DOT, the NTA requires you to join into a random testing program with a company that follows the Nevada Transportation Authority regulations. US Drug Test Centers is an approved company.

We have many locations in Nevada that are able to provide a facility for drug & alcohol testing. If you are in need of a pre-employment drug test and/or to enroll into an NTA random drug & alcohol testing program, contact US Drug Test Centers today, 866-566-0261 or you can purchase your drug test online.

To enroll yourself as an owner operator or to enroll your company into an NTA approved random drug and alcohol testing program, click here to sign up: