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Have you been wondering, “Where can I find drug testing near me?” We're here to help! US Drug Test Centers it the premier drug & alcohol testing company. We have over 20,000 collection sites nationwide to test you, no matter where you are. We provide urine, hair, breath alcohol and specialty testing throughout the nation. We are also a complete employer solution and can help your company set up a drug free workplace program allowing you to test your employees nationwide. So, if you've been googling “drug test near me,” the search is over.

For employers, US Drug Test Centers makes it easy and convenient for employees to have drug and alcohol testing completed. We can help your company put a drug free workplace program in place by creating a drug free workplace policy, offering online trainings, giving you access to our cloud based software and assist in specific state drug testing laws. Our cloud based software allows employers to order a drug test anywhere in the nation and receive all of the results, no matter which location your employee goes to, in one online portal. We also store all chain of custody forms there too!

If you are an individual needing a drug test and you've been asking, "Where is there drug screening near me?" we make it quick and easy for you to order a drug test by ordering online or calling our office at 866-566-0261. You do not have to be a part of a company to order a drug test. US Drug Test Centers offers testing for personal needs, court ordered, probation, child custody cases, unknown substances and more!

"Where are there drug testing facilities near me?" you're asking. Keep scrolling to find the most convenient location for you.


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