Employment Physical Exams (NON DOT)

As part of the hiring process or as mandated by company policy, many employers will require a physical exam in order to assure that new hires or current employees are in adequately good health to perform their job duties.

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Who needs an employment physical?

This is dependent on the company, so you should follow up with the human resources (HR) department as to their requirements. In general, new hires tend to need a physical. Sometimes current employees may need one periodically, such as annually or when they change their job position and/or duties, or perhaps even after a change in health status.

What should you expect during your employment physical?

The clinician will review your medical history, which typically includes questions about allergies, chronic conditions, surgeries, and medications. They will then conduct a physical exam, during which they will review your vital signs (such as blood pressure and heart rate), and examine the major organ systems from head to toe, such as checking your eyes and ears, listening to your heart and lungs, and testing how your muscles move. They will inform you of any concerns on the exam, as well as any limitations pertaining to your specific job duties, if applicable.

What kind of documentation will I get?

You will receive your physical exam results as a report signed by the clinician. Sometimes the exam form may look different depending on what your company provided to the clinician. If there are limitations or restrictions, the clinician will include those on the form. Your employer will then review the form and follow up with you as needed. If there are concerns on your exam, it is recommended that you follow up with primary care provider for further evaluation.

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