DOT Drug-Free Workplace Policy Manual

The Department of Transportation takes drug and alcohol use seriously. Within the DOT — and furthermore, within each agency — are strict rules individuals must comply with. DOT-compliant employers and owner-operators need to establish a drug and alcohol testing policy and program that will ensure all employees are not in any potential danger arising from injuries or accident due to alcohol and drug misuse while following all of the guidelines of the DOT and their agency.

Employers might perform alcohol and drug tests such as:

  • Pre-employment testing
  • Reasonable suspicion drug testing
  • Random testing
  • Return-to-duty testing
  • Follow-up
  • Post-accident

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Employees must care for their own health and safety and that of others and cooperate with the employer with respect in response to action taken by the employer to comply with alcohol and drug policy regulations. By making sure employees are properly educated on the personal and professional consequences of drug use and alcohol misuse, employers can maintain a drug-free workplace. Supervisors must be appropriately trained to identify signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use.

US Drug Test Centers offers DOT drug-free workplace programs. We can talk with your company to help put a drug-free workplace program in place by creating a drug-free policy manual, setting up management with online drug-free workplace training, enrolling all employees into random drug testing programs, and more. We also give your company access to our cloud-based software that allows you to schedule employee drug testing anywhere in the country 24/7.

Types of DOT Policy Manuals

DOT – Drug-Free Workplace Policy: The Department of Transportation requires all companies that fall under DOT guidelines to have a drug-free workplace policy if you have one or more employees. Our policy manuals include:

  • A policy statement on controlled substance use and alcohol misuse in the workplace
  • Educational materials for employees and supervisors
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Rehab and treatment programs information
  • Access to Substance Abuse Professional
  • Copies of DOT regulations
  • Necessary forms for your mode
  • Random testing instructions
  • And more…

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Implementing A Drug Testing Program in Your Workplace

Setting up a drug testing program in your company is serious business. It’s important to think through and discuss what your company is wanting to accomplish in a drug testing program and clearly put the final thoughts into a drug-free workplace policy.

train operating under drug-free workplace policy

Your workplace drug and alcohol policy is a written document and is the foundation of your drug testing program. Once your company has made the all-important decision to implement a drug testing program and create a drug-free workplace, the next decision is who you will turn to in order to help you put that program into place.

US Drug Test Centers is your complete solution to implementing and maintaining drug testing services for DOT-compliant companies anywhere in the United States. All of our drug and alcohol testing programs have been carefully designed to be in compliance with Federal and state laws and to help reduce an employer’s exposure to liability due to a drug- or alcohol-related incident.

A written drug-free workplace policy is the foundation of a DOT organization’s drug-free workplace program. Every organization’s written policy should be unique and tailored to meet its specific needs; however, all effective policies have a few aspects in common.

First, a written policy should clearly state why the company drug testing policy or drug-free workplace program is being implemented. Rationale can be as simple as a company being committed to protecting the safety, health, and well-being of its employees and patrons and recognizing that abuse of alcohol and other drugs compromises this dedication.

The second core element of an effective written drug and alcohol policy at work is a clear description of behaviors that are prohibited. At a minimum, this should include a statement that the "use, possession, transfer or sale of illegal drugs or controlled substances by employees is prohibited."

The third fundamental element is a thorough explanation of the consequences of violating the policy. Consequences may include discipline up to and including termination and/or referral for assistance. Consequences should be consistent with other existing personnel policies and procedures and any applicable state laws.

Employers should note that sharing their DOT policy with all company employees is an essential part of a drug-free workplace program. Many companies find it helpful to ask for feedback from employees during the initial policy development stage.

Realizing that the policy is the foundation of the drug testing program, a comprehensive program should include the following components:

  • Drug-free workplace policy
  • Supervisor training
  • Employee education
  • Employee assistance
  • Drug testing

Once the policy is written or if you are editing or updating a drug-free workplace policy, the policy should be reviewed to make sure it answers the following questions:

1. What is the purpose/goal of your policy?

2. Who will be covered by your policy?

3. When will your policy apply?

4. What behavior will be prohibited?

5. Will employees be required to notify you of drug-related convictions?

6. Will your policy include searches?

7. How is reasonable suspicion drug testing determined?

8. Will your program include drug testing?

9. What will the consequences be if your policy is violated?

10. Will there be Return-to-Work agreements?

11. What type of assistance will be available?

12. How will employee confidentiality be protected?

13. Who will be responsible for enforcing your employee drug and alcohol policy?

14. How will your policy be communicated to employees?

Implementing a comprehensive drug-free workplace program and policy will provide benefits to your company and your employees. The program will also serve to protect your company from exposure to liability in your drug testing program. Always follow the policy with 100% consistency to avoid lawsuits. There are different types of policies and it’s important to determine the type of employer drug and alcohol policy you need.

NON-DOT State Legal Drug Testing Programs

Non-DOT Drug-Free Policy – no State Law program applicable – Some states have no laws or very few laws regarding drug testing. It's important in these states that your drug testing program has a policy document to help you navigate through a legally defensible drug testing program. Check your state laws to be sure you are not doing anything that would violate the law. Not complying with state laws for your drug-free workplace policy and drug testing program will create significant exposure to liability for your company.

The employer should work closely with employees to effectively create and manage awareness across the organization regarding the risks and responsibilities related to alcohol and drug misuse in the service. We can provide your company with resources for your employees to learn more about drug use and who to contact if they have a substance abuse problem. The overall aim is to ensure all individuals gain an awareness of drugs and alcohol as hazards in the workplace.

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