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Child Custody Drug Testing

Child Custody Drug Testing

Unfortunately many of us often go through a divorce or a break up and children are affected. Who gets custody? Sometimes one or both partners has an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Adults who are engaging in irresponsible behavior will be looked upon negatively by the court when it comes to having custody or visitation rights with minors. The court will consider the well-being of the child and will not allow an adult with a drug problem to have visitation rights. Child custody with drug abuse will most likely lead to drug testing ordered by the court. US Drug Test Centers can assist with child custody drug and alcohol testing.

The parent with a drug abuse problem is often detected by observations of the child. Signs of child custody with drug addiction may be frequent or unexplained absences from school, an unkempt appearance, clothing that is dirty or worn repeatedly, or unexplained bruising, cuts or other injuries. School officials may notice signs of abuse when minors complain of being hungry or seem unusually quiet, lackluster, or sullen. Child custody with drug addiction also puts kids in danger of becoming substance abusers themselves. Some adults use children to traffic drugs, hiding illegal substances in a child's book bag or clothing. They unwittingly or knowingly put minors in harm’s way by using kids to interact with hardened criminals, gang bangers, dope dealers, prostitutes, and society's most undesirable elements.

A judge can independently decide that a drug test should be ordered for one or both parents that are seeking custody. Most often, a judge will only grant or order a drug test when he or she has reason to believe that one or both of the parents is abusing drugs. The legal standard that justifies a judge ordering a drug test is the often used best interests of the child standard. Whether you find yourself involved in a child custody or child support case, the best interests of a child are typically severely impacted by parents that are abusing drugs. For this reason, drug tests are an essential part of the custody and child support matters when drug abuse is suspected.

It is not uncommon for drug and alcohol cases to spin out of control and drag through the court process for far too long, to the detriment of both parents and the children. If you are accused of using illegal drugs when going through a divorce or child custody case, you should immediately contact your attorney. You should arrange for a hair follicle drug test as a basis to show you are drug free.

Divorce Drug Testing

US Drug Test Centers Can Help

US Drug Test Centers helps individuals through the United States with drug testing in child custody cases. You want to deal with a professional organization that specializes in drug testing, not the local medical clinic who may not have the proper knowledge. Drug test centers are available in every city in the United States. You have various options for your child custody drug testing including:

  • 5 Panel Urine Drug Test
  • 5 Panel Hair Drug Test
  • 10 Panel Urine Drug Test
  • 9 Panel Hair Drug Test
  • 10 Panel Urine Drug Test with Expanded Opiates
  • 5 Panel Hair Drug Test with Expanded Opiates
  • Urine EtG Alcohol Test
  • 12 Panel Hair Drug Test

If you do test positive on your first drug test, ask for the quantitate levels you tested positive for. Testing again 30 – 60 days later should bring these levels down as long as you stop using drugs. Also, every drug test result should be reviewed by a Medical Review Officer. This eliminates any positive results from legally prescribed medications.

If you are a previous drug user, you may be required as part of the child custody agreement to have unannounced random drug testing. You will need a company like US Drug Test Centers to help you with this random scheduling of the unannounced drug or alcohol test. Following the schedule of unannounced drug testing meticulously will help you maintain or regain custody.

For your drug testing needs in child custody cases, you can call for advice, consultation and drug testing options to US Drug Test Centers with locations throughout the United States.