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Owner Operator Compliance Membership
*Renews every Dec 1st at $199.95
Random consortium enrollment (includes enrollment certificate & random selections)
Access to 20,000+ nationwide collection sites
Pre-Employment, Random (if selected) or Post Accident Drug Test - No additional testing cost
Random (if selected) or Post Accident Breath Alcohol Test - No additional testing cost
Unlimited Consultation


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Company DOT Random Drug & Alcohol Program

Jonathan Baktari, MD / CEO of US Drug Test Centers

Nothing beats the convenience of US Drug Test Centers having over 20,000 collection sites across the United States. You will hardly ever go further than a few short miles without finding one of our drug and alcohol test locations. Ordering your alcohol and drug test online is equally simple. We've revolutionized the drug testing industry by making testing more accessible than ever, in addition to guiding businesses through every necessary step to ensure they are prepared for all testingrelated issues.

Some of the many benefits of using US Drug Test Centers are:

  • Access to 20,000 + collection sites nationwide
  • SAMHSA certified laboratories, certified urine collectors and certified breath alcohol technicians
  • Cutting edge Web-based technology used for program management, recordkeeping, random selections and reporting of test results
  • Ongoing consultation and administrative support
  • Certified, full-time, MRO reporting of results - via fax, e-mail and or web reporting
  • In the event of an audit of the company's drug and alcohol testing program, USDTC shall provide assistance with all necessary audit requests. A copy of any letter from regulatory officials regarding the company's drug and alcohol testing program should be forwarded to USDTC immediately upon receipt.
  • DOT Clearinghouse consultation and assistance