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The dedicated professionals at US Drug Test Centers know that employee drug testing directly affects the safety of your business. A healthy, safe, and productive workforce is a priority for all successful businesses. You can count on US Drug Test Centers to provide pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident and return to duty drug testing when needed. US Drug Test Centers is a nationwide company with over 20,000 collection sites ready to serve you. Our core values are focused on going above and beyond to provide organized, efficient and accurate services for all drug testing services.

We know that a drug free workplace program is more than just drug testing your employees. Having a true drug free workplace program means having a drug free workplace policy manual, providing supervisor training on how to see signs and symptoms of someone who may be under the influence, employee education and more! When you enroll with US Drug Test Centers, these are all services that we provide. We will assign a dedicated account manager to your specific company to help you set up a drug free workplace program designed just for you!

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Other Common Services

Random Drug & Alcohol Testing Program $199.95 (renews every January 1st)
Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Online Training $59.95 (charged during account set up)
DOT & NON DOT: Employee Workplace Substance Abuse Online Training $59.95 (charged during account set up)
DOT & NON DOT: Introduction to Drug Testing Online Training $250.95 (charged during account set up)
NON DOT Drug Free Workplace Policy Manual $299.95 (charged during account set up)
DOT – FMCSA Drug Free Workplace Policy Manual $349.95 (charged during account set up)

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US Drug Test Centers requires all company accounts to have a credit card on file for monthly invoices. Please note that your card will only be charged for services rendered on the first business day of each month, your services completed the previous month. If no services were completed, there will be no charge to your account.