ETG 500 Hair Test (Hair Alcohol Test)

Advanced Alcohol Testing Through Hair Analysis

The ETG 500 Hair Test, also known as the Hair Alcohol Test, is a sophisticated method for detecting alcohol consumption over an extended period. This test is particularly useful for monitoring abstinence, legal cases, or employment screening, offering an in-depth analysis of alcohol usage.

What is an ETG 500 Hair Test?

This test specifically looks for Ethyl Glucuronide (ETG), a direct metabolite of ethanol, in hair samples. The ETG 500 Hair Test can trace alcohol consumption for up to several months, providing a more comprehensive overview than traditional blood or urine alcohol tests. It's a reliable method for detecting prolonged or habitual alcohol use.

The ETG 500 Hair Test is an invaluable tool for obtaining an accurate long-term record of alcohol use. Its extended detection window makes it highly effective for various situations, including legal proceedings, employee evaluations, and health assessments.

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Substances Included in the ETG 500 Hair Test (Hair Alcohol Test):

  • Detect ingestion of Ethyl Alcohol within the past 7 to 90 day
  • Measures average alcohol consumption over a period of approximately three months and can provide a behavioral indication of consumption of alcohol
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