Rohypnol "Date Rape" Hair Drug Test (Flunitrazepam)

Detecting Rohypnol Use with Advanced Hair Testing

The Rohypnol 'Date Rape' Hair Drug Test is a specialized forensic analysis designed to detect the presence of Flunitrazepam, commonly known as Rohypnol. This test is particularly significant in cases of suspected drug-facilitated sexual assault, providing crucial evidence in legal and investigatory scenarios.

What is a Rohypnol 'Date Rape' Hair Drug Test?

This test specifically targets Flunitrazepam, a potent sedative that has been notoriously misused in cases of 'date rape' and other forms of drug-facilitated crimes. Hair testing for Rohypnol offers a longer detection window compared to urine or blood tests, making it possible to trace the drug use back several weeks or even months after the event.

The Rohypnol 'Date Rape' Hair Drug Test is an essential tool in forensic investigations and legal proceedings where there is a need to establish the use of Flunitrazepam. Its ability to provide long-term evidence makes it invaluable in supporting victims and prosecuting offenders in such sensitive cases.

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