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Angela Pedrol

Angela Pedrol is the Customer Care Manager at US Drug Test Centers and has been dedicated to the company since 2021. Prior to joining USDTC, Angela held client-facing roles in the beauty and medical industries where her passion for customer service originated. Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, Angela has held multiple roles since starting at US Drug Test Centers including COVID Specialist, Customer Relations, and Client Sales. In every position, Angela has worked hard making sure customers and clients reach DOT and Non-DOT compliance with ease. After attending SAPAA & PBSA gaining certifications and education in 2022, she quickly put her knowledge to work helping solve complex customer problems. She always steps up and goes the extra mile to ensure positive outcomes for all parties. With her innate ability to help others and provide information clearly and concisely, she has been an irreplaceable part of the company's success. Her time with USDTC has earned her a reputation for outstanding results.

Company Mission Statement

US Drug Test Centers was founded in 2016 and has been one of the most rapidly growing drug testing companies in the United States since then. Our mission is to revolutionize the drug testing industry by providing a streamlined, efficient, and sleek technology solution. US Drug Test Centers delivers an incomparable software experience allowing for effortless drug and alcohol testing program management.

What also sets US Drug Test Centers apart from other drug testing companies is our on-demand national account managers that strive to provide the most exemplary customer experience. We have been a reputable and leading provider of comprehensive drug and alcohol testing services in the United States since 2016. With a commitment to promoting safety and compliance, US Drug Test Centers has established itself as a trusted partner for organizations seeking reliable and accurate drug testing solutions.

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