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District of Columbia Drug Testing

Our testing locations do not accept payment and require a drug test order form at the time of testing. Please click the "Order a Test" button to order your test. Once your order has been processed, your drug test order form will be emailed to you.

While not even reaching a population of 700,000, the District of Columbia has one of the worst drug problems in the country. In 2011 the District of Columbia had beat the national average for drug abuse as well as the rate of drug-induced deaths. The most common drugs abused are cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs and marijuana.

D.C. legalized medical marijuana in 1998 and recreational marijuana in 2014. Although marijuana use has now been legalized, it has yet to be widely accepted in the workplace. Many employers do not allow the use of marijuana and will not hire individuals who have tested positive for THC. More and more, employers are seeing pre-employment drug testing to ensure a drug-free workplace. Workers in safety-sensitive positions may be required to pass a drug test before the hiring process is complete.

Find a Drug Testing Center Near You

If you or someone you know is seeking a drug test, contact US Drug Centers for immediate testing information and even same day results. We have locations all over the District of Columbia. 23 locations in total including a location on; 4th Street just 2 blocks from the Library of Congress and National Mall, New York Ave on a block from Franklin square, and a convenient location near the airport on Aviation Circle.

With many of Washington DC's citizens working in government and having full schedules, it can be hard to find the time to take care of your drug test needs. US Drug Test Centers online drug test options are catered to for the busy working individual. With our quick same day testing, you could take your tests before or after leaving town. If you are interested in same day testing please contact us at 866-566-0261.

Testing options may vary on a site by site basis. Additional fees may apply depending on your location.

US Drug Test Centers

US Drug Test Centers

We are your complete drug-free workplace solution for employers. We provide drug testing for all reasons such as pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, and return to duty. We have a state-of-the-art cloud-based software that allows you to order drug testing 24/7, store all drug test results and chain of custody forms (forever), and you can see the status of all completed drug testing. We have random drug and alcohol testing consortiums and follow all DOT rules and regulations to direct your company in the right direction to stay in compliance. We can create drug-free workplace policy manuals specific to your company’s needs, and we provide online trainings. Our online trainings are perfect for company Supervisors to learn what signs to look for if someone might be under the influence. We also have trainings that explain what Supervisors should know about the DOT rules and regulations in regards to the drug and alcohol testing program. We are a part of the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA), and we always stay up to date with all drug testing-related rules and regulations. If you have any questions about state-specific laws regarding drug and alcohol testing, please contact our office and one of our team members will be glad to help you. If your company would like more information regarding setting up a corporate account you can set up an account online or contact us at 866-566-0261.

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Phone: 866-566-0261

Providing Drug-Free Workplace Testing

Are you an employer in need of a drug test so that you can maintain a drug-free workplace? Our testing centers provide pre-employment and random tests Monday through Friday, at all of our locations. Federal places of employment have few limitations on testing employees and potential employees for drugs and alcohol. However, if you are unsure about the testing restrictions in D.C., call US Drug Test Centers to speak with one of our knowledgeable associates.

Many safety-sensitive industries require drug testing by the federal government. This means that those working in the Department of Defense or Department of Transportation industries are required to have regular or random drug testing. If you are looking for DOT drug testing, our clinics have worked with many trucking companies and other employers regulated by the US Department of Transportation. Random drug testing, random consortiums and DOT testing are all available via our US Drug Test Centers in all areas of Washington, DC.

Even with legal marijuana in DC, DOT employees the use of marijuana is strictly prohibited. The laws relating to the legal use of marijuana in Washington do not remove an employer's right to prohibit the use of drugs at work or at any time during employment. Quick results are available at any of our drug testing centers in DC. When you order instant drug testing, we return negative results the same day. In fact, you can call today to schedule an appointment. Our testing locations in the District of Columbia are easily accessible throughout the day, making it easy to come in during or right after work.

Has your Washington DC employer or prospective employer asked you to take a drug test? Your results are confidential and secure. While drug testing is not restricted in the District of Columbia, you want your results to be available to those who need them most -- not to anybody else. Each of our professional testing centers is operated by trained professionals and all drug test results are verified by a medical review officer (MRO) that is helpful and qualified.

More About Drug Testing in Washington, DC

Regardless of your needs, US Drug Test Centers has the resources needed for individuals and employers looking for drug and alcohol testing in Washington, DC. Testing centers are open daily, making it easy to come in for testing whether it is for employment or a court-mandated screening. Whether you are on probation or going through a custody battle, testing is simple. Immediate drug testing, hair follicle testing and EtG alcohol testing available with same day service.

Contact our office for immediate assistance.