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The Basics of Drug and Alcohol Testing

Posted: Dec 12 2019

Employees at work

By: Ashlee Arnold

For many years, employers have relied on drug and alcohol testing for both pre-screening applicants and also regularly testing current employees.

Drug and alcohol testing is so important because of the detrimental effects that substances (both illegal and prescription) can have on the workplace. For starters, it poses a severe threat to safety. Employees who show up to work under the influence are likelier to commit a crime on the job (like stealing) or be involved in some sort of accident.

Crime and accidents can affect any type of work environment. But in particular, think of environments like construction sites, or any individual who works in some sort of transportation position. The dangers of drugs on the job are real and have a noticeable influence on workers' compensation claims.

Additionally, workers who are under the influence can't perform at their peak capacity. Attendance and turnover rates may suffer. This negatively impacts productivity, costing employers serious money — to the tune of tens of billions of dollars.

Drug and alcohol testing is so simple and can keep employers and their teams safe, protected, and in compliance with the law. There are two main types of testing: instant and lab-based. Learn more about each and how they work by watching the video below.

Drug testing should be done for pre-employment, post-accident, and before an employee can return to work (return-to-duty testing). When you work with US Drug Test Centers, we can also manage your random drug testing, so you can rest assured that employees will truly be selected at random, without any involvement on your part.

If your business belongs to an agency operating under the Department of Transportation (including those of you who are owner operators), US Drug Test Centers can help. We’ll make sure you’re compliant not only with your agency but also with the DOT and federal law.

In addition to pre-employment and employment matters, drug testing is also commonly used for court-ordered scenarios, including child custody, probation, and DUI circumstances.

We have more than 20,000 locations all around the United States, which means you never have to travel more than a few miles to find us. Our drug and alcohol testing services are quick, easy, and convenient. Employers can schedule appointments from anywhere in the U.S., for any of our locations in the U.S. For instant drug testing, negative results can be obtained in a matter of minutes.

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