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About Santa Rosa, California

Santa Rosa is the county seat of Sonoma County, California. It has a population of over 170,000. Santa Rosa is the largest city on California's North Coast and the fifth largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area. The North Coast region, or the Redwood Empire, extends from the San Francisco Bay to the Oregon border. It includes Mendocino, Humboldt, Del Norte, Marin, and Sonoma counties.

Santa Rosa's top employers are the County of Sonoma, Kaiser Permanente, and Sutter Medical Center of Santa Rosa. Retail is a huge industry in the city. Its three shopping malls have over 210 merchants combined. Santa Rosa is also home to 12 neighborhood shopping centers and 17 commercial districts.

Santa Rosa is about an hour north of San Francisco. Tourists are able to easily access the nearby cities of Bodega Bay, Calistoga, Petaluma, and Sonoma from the city. Santa Rosa is also home to the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center and the Luther Burbank Rose Parade and Festival.

Facts About Santa Rosa

  • Santa Rosa has served as a location for many major films, including: The Happy Land (1943); Shadow of a Doubt (1943); It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963) Wired (1989); Cheaper by the Dozen (2003); and Paranormal Activity 3 (2011).
  • Hood Mountain can be seen to the east. To the southeast, Taylor Mountain and Sonoma Mountain are readily visible from much of the city.
  • The 85-year-old Santa Rosa Symphony Orchestra performs at Green Music Center in Rohnert Park, a new venue with traditional "shoebox" acoustics.
  • For many years the City's slogan was "The City Designed For Living." In 2007 the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce adopted a new slogan, "California's Cornucopia."
  • The Sonoma State University Library, in Rohnert Park, holds the Gaye LeBaron Collection: 700 file folders of her research notes and primary source materials, containing some 10,000 documents.

SAMHSA Report for California

Reports published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimate that there are 2,643,000 people over the age of 12 who are dependent or abuse illicit drugs or alcohol in California. Though Santa Rosa is nowhere near epidemic levels, drug testing and drug free workplace programs help to directly address substance abuse issues in a community.

Frequently Asked Questions about Drug and Alcohol Testing in Santa Rosa

  • Is it okay to drug test if we don't have a drug testing policy in place?
    • Not a good idea from a liability perspective. Just think about what you will do if the person tests positive. Your best practice and to be safe from liability is to have a drug free workplace policy prior to drug testing employees. Custom written drug testing policies are available from US Drug Test Centers.
  • Can I fire an employee for being on drugs or for suspecting they are on drugs?
    • You should have a company drug free workplace policy stating the consequences of a positive drug test. You can fire an employee for a violation of your company policy. It is not a best practice to fire someone based on suspicion of drug use. Always check with your human resources and/or legal departments.
  • With all this Medical Marijuana, Can I Maintain a Drug Free Workplace?
    • Yes, with medical and recreational marijuana, employers still need to maintain drug free workplace programs. Various federal laws require all employers to provide a safe and healthy work environment and those with certain safety-sensitive jobs or who have federal contracts or grants to maintain a drug-free workplace. Employers whose businesses are related to public safety and security must be able to ensure their employees are not impaired while at work. Otherwise, employers face litigation of a different sort: lawsuits caused by impaired employees that involve injuries or deaths among fellow employees or the general public.
    • In States with medical and/or recreational marijuana, employers may choose whether to make an exception for medical marijuana use. But, if that is an exception that an employer decides to make, it must be an exception that is applied after a thoughtful consideration of all the safety and business risks involved and done in a manner in which the employer does not unnecessarily expose itself to potential claims for discrimination (particularly if the exception is granted to some but not all employees).

Drug Free Workplace Policy and Programs

Employers need to establish a program that will ensure that all employees are not in any potential danger arising from injuries or accident due to alcohol and drug misuse. It is every employer’s duty to ensure a safe and healthful working condition for all employees. Employees must take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of others, and cooperate with the employer with respect to action taken by the employer to comply with company alcohol and drug policy regulations.

US Drug Test Centers offers different drug free workplace programs. We can talk with your company to help put a drug free workplace program in place by creating a drug-free policy manual, setting up management with online drug free workplace training, enrolling all employees into random drug testing programs and more. We also give your company access to our cloud based software that allows you to schedule employee drug testing anywhere in the country 24/7!

Santa Rosa's Most Accurate Drug or Alcohol Testing

How do I know if the test is accurate? All of US Drug Test Centers' specimens go to a SAMHSA certified laboratory for testing. SAMHSA has an active advisory board that keeps its employees and administrators abreast of current and changing laws when it comes to drug testing. There are Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Employee Drug Testing Programs that must carry consistencies throughout every agency and company that SAMHSA laboratories supplies. The advisory board has professionals that are uniquely qualified in their respective fields to review scientific evidence in the area of drug and alcohol treatment and testing practices.

Have more questions, visit our FAQs page for answers!

Testing options may vary on a site by site basis. Additional fees may apply depending on your location.

US Drug Test Centers

US Drug Test Centers

We are your complete drug-free workplace solution for employers. We provide drug testing for all reasons such as pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, and return to duty. We have a state-of-the-art cloud-based software that allows you to order drug testing 24/7, store all drug test results and chain of custody forms (forever), and you can see the status of all completed drug testing. We have random drug and alcohol testing consortiums and follow all DOT rules and regulations to direct your company in the right direction to stay in compliance. We can create drug-free workplace policy manuals specific to your company’s needs, and we provide online trainings. Our online trainings are perfect for company Supervisors to learn what signs to look for if someone might be under the influence. We also have trainings that explain what Supervisors should know about the DOT rules and regulations in regards to the drug and alcohol testing program. We are a part of the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA), and we always stay up to date with all drug testing-related rules and regulations. If you have any questions about state-specific laws regarding drug and alcohol testing, please contact our office and one of our team members will be glad to help you. If your company would like more information regarding setting up a corporate account you can set up an account online or contact us at 866-566-0261.

Frequently Asked Questions About California Drug Testing

This material is intended for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for legal guidance. State & local laws change frequently and vary greatly. These are state & local laws and do not over rule the federal Department of Transportation laws & policies. Readers are advised to consult with their legal counsel or industry experts before acting based on this information. Last Updated Sep 2022

California Drug Testing FAQs

Do employers in California need to comply with mandatory state-specific rules when drug & alcohol testing?
Yes. California has rules based on court rulings, rather than legislative action.
Is a Drug-Free Workplace policy required in California?
No, however, employers are strongly encouraged to have a written policy in place (Policy is specifically required to comply with the California’s voluntary law). Employers are also strongly encouraged to warn employees and applicants and get signed acknowledgments of the warning, that the use of medication from a foreign source may cause a positive drug test.
What are some compliance requirements in California?
Random testing is limited to safety-sensitive employees only. Employers are encouraged not to let an applicant begin work before the pre-employment drug test result is known.  A reasonable suspicion test unsupported by facts is an unauthorized random test. Requiring a drug test collection during off-duty hours may be prohibited. Employers based in San Francisco are limited in what they can and cannot do, due to a city ordinance.
Are employers in California able to use drug screening for any other claim defenses or state-specific financial benefits?
Yes. Employers may leverage an ‘Intoxication’ defense to a Workers’ Compensation Claim, based on a positive drug test result. A positive drug test may also make an employee ineligible for unemployment compensation. Employers wishing to leverage either of these benefits must voluntarily comply with very detailed program rules.
Does California authorize marijuana (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD) use?
Yes. California permits the personal adult use and the medical use of marijuana for patients that meet specific medical conditions. The laws do not specifically impact employment drug testing programs.