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What Are the Benefits of Using a SAMHSA Certified Lab?

Posted: Apr 07 2015

What Are the Benefits of Using a SAMHSA Certified Lab?

April 7, 2015

Written by US Drug Test Centers staff

SAMHSA-HHS Certified Laboratories have met the rigorous forensic toxicology standards required to guarantee the legal defensibility of actions taken based on a drug test result. This is why Federal agencies and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated companies are required to use SAMHSA-HHS Certified Laboratories.

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Certified Laboratories:

  • HHS-certified laboratories performs all work by its own personnel and equipment, they may not subcontract the work to other labs
  • HHS-certified laboratories have met requirements for rigorous quality control, and chain-of-custody procedures. Each specimen is tested using the same procedures in a consistent method
  • In order to remain HHS certified, labs are required to meet quarterly performance quarterly proficiency testing and semi-annual inspections
  • Every 6 months compliance audits are performed by nationally recognized toxicology experts

Using a SAMHSA Certified Lab and review by a Medical Review Officer (MRO) ensures that every test you perform on an employee or applicant will stand up in a court proceeding, we provide a defensible test.

For workplace drug testing, US Drug Test Centers will only use SAMHSA Certified Labs. The strict guidelines used by SAMSHA certified labs ensure the highest available standards and the most accurate processing.

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