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Client Drug Testing Software and Process

Posted: Apr 21 2017

By: Ashlee Arnold

US Drug Test Centers has the latest technology on a web-based platform for complete drug testing management. The software provides:

  • Ordering drug tests electronically anywhere in the US.
  • Integration with all major SAMHSA-certified labs.
  • Receipt of drug test results electronically from labs
  • MRO review notes and results, stored permanently in the cloud.
  • Viewing when a collection has begun, sent to the lab, or a medical review officer (MRO) has received a test.
  • Automated notification of availability of results or email delivery of results.
  • Unlimited users for employers.
  • Complete management of consortium pools and random testing.

The employer is not charged for using the software. The software is easy to use with no hardware or software installation. It enhances employer experience in ordering and receiving drug test results by making it easy to test employees and applicants across the US. Using the software, US Drug Test Centers helps employers implement a faster and more accurate drug and alcohol screening process for the company in real-time, at any time, from anywhere within the US using secure, online resources.

The software saves time and money with the drug testing process since only one application is used to manage everything for the drug testing program. As such, a recruiter in Georgia can order a drug test for an applicant in New Jersey and get back a negative result on the same day or on the very next day. Once the MRO receives and verifies the drug test results, the client immediately has access to all data reports in our web-based system.

Random testing management is built into the system with fewer processes/steps for productivity and fewer errors compared to other systems currently available on the market. The specimen is collected and taken through lab processing, after which an MRO receives the report and stores the final results. US Drug Test Centers has full-time MROs working to provide the fastest turnaround time within the industry.

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Benefits of Our Drug Testing Software

The system has an extensive network of over 20,000 electronic enabled collection sites. The process is simple, fast, and accurate. Drug tests can be ordered online by an employer representative. The system then emails the order to the applicant, who walks into a collection site located closest to where they live. For increased efficiency, transparency, speed, and accuracy, the system is integrated with the lab and collection sites. The MROs also work directly in the same system.

The Drug Testing Process

The drug testing process conducted by most employers at the workplace is an often misunderstood process. The most common type of drug testing in the US is urine drug testing since it is easy to collect and transport, inexpensive, accurate, and provides a detection window deemed sufficient by many employers.

The drug testing process involves specimen collection, instant or lab testing, confirmation testing when necessary, and MRO review and reporting of results.

The MRO is responsible for reviewing all lab-based drug test results before reporting the final results to the employer. He/she acts as an impartial and independent gatekeeper and advocate for the integrity and accuracy of the drug testing process. All US Drug Test Centers MROs are licensed physicians with the training and qualifications needed to review drug test results.

The MRO is responsible for providing quality assurance review of the drug testing process for the specimens by:

Ensuring the review of the Custody and Control Form (CCF) on all specimen collections to determine if there is a problem that may result in the cancellation of the test.

    • Providing feedback regarding performance issues when necessary to employers, collection sites, and labs.
    • Determining legitimate medical explanations for confirmed positive or invalid drug test results from the lab.
    • Investigating and correcting drug test problems where possible and notifying appropriate parties where necessary.
    • Ensuring the timely flow of test results and other information to employees.
    • Protecting and upholding the confidentiality of drug testing information and the confidentiality of any applicant or employee medical information.

On every non-negative drug test, the MRO will call the applicant or employee and explain the verification interview process in addition to informing them that their decision will be based on information provided during the interview. The MRO will explain that the lab has determined that the applicant or employee's drug test result is positive, substituted, adulterated, or invalid. The applicant or employee will also be informed of the drug(s) he/she tested positive for or the basis for the finding of substitution or adulteration.

If the applicant or employee has a legitimate verified medical reason and explanation for the non-negative drug test result, the MRO will reverse it to negative. If there is no legitimate medical explanation for the positive test result other than unauthorized use of a prohibited drug, the MRO will report the positive drug to the employer. If the employee desires, the MRO will inform him/her of the procedure in which to request a test of the split specimen to challenge the result. It should be noted that going back for another test is not an option for the applicant or employee.

Employer Receipt of Results

Employers generally hope to get negative test results for their applicants or employees. However, when positive results are received, action taken should be based on a previously written drug-free workplace policy. If the workplace has no written policy, this problem needs immediate corrective action.

US Drug Test Centers can assist employers to develop custom written drug-free workplace policies. Our drug testing software is designed to make drug testing for the employer easy. Our friendly customer service representatives are also available to offer you ongoing assistance and help you navigate the process. Call US Drug Test Centers at 866-566-0261 for a demonstration and to get started.

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