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Can You Buy Drug Testing Kits?

Posted: Oct 24 2019

By: Ashlee Arnold

A job applicant wanting to make sure that their system is clear of drugs before taking a mandatory pre-employment drug test, parents suspecting their child of using illicit substances — these are some of the cases where taking a drug test is the practical option. There are, however, a number of people who'd prefer to do the testing by themselves. So, they often ask: Can you buy drug testing kits? The answer is yes, you can. Drug testing kits can be purchased at most drug stores and their prices may range from $5 up to $35. But the real question is this: Do they really work?

What You Need to Know About Drug Testing Kits

A drug testing kit, or a home drug test, is a self-administered test that checks for the presence of drugs in the system through a urine sample. It's easily accessible, convenient to use, and results can be achieved in minutes. However, this type of testing method has a few serious drawbacks that warrant your attention.

It's Highly Sensitive

This feature may seem promising. The kit's high sensitivity, after all, means that it can quickly determine if there are drugs present in the system. However, this feature could also mean that the results may be easily affected by certain medicines, supplements, or even beverages consumed prior to the testing.

There are also many factors that can alter the result of the test, such as the way the sample is stored, the person's weight, and their food consumption.

It goes without saying that drug testing without accuracy is useless. When you go to a reputable drug testing center, they're likely using a medical review officer (MRO) to review and verify all drug and alcohol test results.

All of this means that you can almost assume that the results you get from the drug testing kit you purchased aren't telling you the full story — not nearly.

It Doesn't Test for All Substances

Drug testing kits are limited to detecting only a few types of drugs. They don't test for all substances. Thus, they're very limited in scope. If you're trying to determine if you have drugs in your system before being asked to take a pre-employment drug test, know that the employer's test is likely going to be much more thorough than yours, and their drug testing panel might include 10 or more substances.

It Doesn't Give Explanations Behind the Results

Another drawback of home drug testing kits is that they only give a positive or negative result. These tests don't provide other important information, like the quantity or the strength of the drug found in the sample, or what exactly in your body triggered the results.

This is especially important considering that you can test positive for opioids due to taking prescription medications.

Once again, you need an MRO for this — something you don't get when purchasing drug testing kits.

The Advantages of Using a Drug and Alcohol Testing Center

A home drug test may be convenient and affordable, but not knowing for certain whether the results are accurate is a big concern and the reason why you can't rely on them. The only way to get real results is to visit a drug and alcohol testing center, like US Drug Test Centers. Here's why we're more reliable and why employers put their trust in us.

We Use SAMHSA-Certified Laboratories

US Drug Test Centers uses SAMHSA-certified laboratories, which perform at the highest standards. These labs undergo strict and rigorous inspections to ensure the quality of the methods used to test the samples and the accuracy of the results. A SAMHSA certification also guarantees the legal defensibility of the actions taken based on the results.

We Work With an MRO

An MRO is a licensed physician who specializes in substance use and abuse. They are the people responsible for receiving and evaluating the samples after the drug test results.

Now, why is this important?

MROs are the ones who will determine conclusively if the test results are positive, negative, or invalid. Whenever necessary, these professionals may also communicate with the party involved to determine the reason for the positive result — like confirming whether or not the donor has taken prescribed medication prior to the test — to make sure that all of the information provided is true and valid.

It's not just about the way we collect the specimen. It's also about the way the MRO analyzes it.


We're Drug Testing Specialists and Offer a Number of Services

Our drug and alcohol testing services span a wide variety of substances and services, including:

  • Specialty drug testing
  • Club drugs testing
  • Date rape drug testing
  • Rohypnol drug testing
  • Steroid drug testing
  • Street drugs testing
  • Suboxone drug testing
  • ETG hair testing
  • Heavy metals testing
  • Testing for unknown substances

If your business operates under the Department of Transportation, we'll help you keep your workplace environment drug- and alcohol-free while complying with all state and federal laws.

Furthermore, we also offer the following services for employers:

  • Creating a drug-free workplace policy
  • Training designated employer representatives

When you work with US Drug Test Centers, we give you access to our state-of-the-art cloud-based software at no extra charge, which makes it easy for employers to oversee the drug testing process, as well as order drug and alcohol tests from anywhere in the country, for anywhere in the country. See updates and results in real-time and order tests as needed with just a few clicks. Drug and alcohol testing has never been more convenient or accessible.

It's getting more difficult to keep the workplace substance-free, and employers have a lot on the line. With our help, you can maintain a work environment that's safe, healthy, productive, and in compliance with local and federal laws. Ready to take action? We have more than 20,000 locations all across the United States ready to serve you, so we're never more than a few miles away. Contact us today for more information or to get started.

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