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Consortium Drug Testing

Posted: Jun 16 2015

By: Ashlee Arnold

US Drug Test Centers provides professional services for random consortium drug testing for employers. Our robust software can provide complete management of any random testing requirements. Random drug testing can be operated as a stand-alone random testing pool or a consortium drug testing pool.

Random testing is required for DOT drug and alcohol screening programs. Each DOT-specific agency sets annual random testing rates. For the trucking and bus industries regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety (FMCSA) administration, the current annual random testing rates are 50% for drugs and 10% for alcohol.

Random drug testing is available for both DOT employers and non-DOT employers. All employers should consider random testing, as it reinforces the employer's decision to have a drug-free workplace. Random testing identifies substance abusers and deters drug use from ever starting.

The stand-alone random testing program is when the company has a random testing pool consisting of its own employees. For example, if the company has 100 employees, then there are 100 employees in the random testing pool. 50 will be tested over the course of the year for drugs and 10 will be tested over the course of the year for alcohol.

The consortium random testing program is for smaller employers. They group their employees together for membership in the random testing pool operating as a consortium. For example, suppose there are four companies each with 25 employees. These all make up a random consortium testing pool of 100. Once the random testing begins, 50 of the 100 will be tested over the course of the year for drugs and 10 will be tested over the course of the year for alcohol. All four of these companies will be in random testing compliance no matter who gets selected for the random testing.

smiling woman working on her laptopOwner-operators must be in a consortium as it would be impossible to test 50% of one person. US Drug Test Centers has a special program for owner-operators to participate in our random testing consortium.

US Drug Test Centers provides random drug testing services and consortium random drug testing pools for employers across the nation. We can help you with:

  • All aspects of drug and alcohol screening.
  • Managing random selection.
  • Training your supervisors and designated employer representative (DER) to recognize the signs of impairment and substance abuse.
  • Creating your drug-free workplace policy or improving the one you already have.

We also ensure you're always compliant with all local, state, and federal laws. This allows you, the employer, to focus on what matters: running your business.

Contact us today to learn more or get started.

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