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We work with individuals, non-DOT companies, and DOT companies/owner-operators. Read more about what it’s like partnering with US Drug Test Centers for all your drug and alcohol testing needs.

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Review by D.M.
on March 13, 2024

They have always been very accommodating with anything our company needs.

Review by G.D.
on March 13, 2024

Your company does everything well

Review by D.B.
on March 13, 2024

Very pleased. Definitely will recommend

Review by H.M.
on February 29, 2024

USDTC is quick, reliable and user friendly.

Review by R.L.A.P.
on February 21, 2024

Extremely professional and friendly! My agent was very helpful at answering all my questions!

Review by M.L.
on February 21, 2024

We have just set up the account but the process was easy and simple.

Review by L.S.
on February 20, 2024

Great customer service and timely responses to pending issues.

Review by H.E.
on February 20, 2024

US Drug Test Centers made it effortless for our company to stay compliant with all drug and alcohol test requirements!

Review by P.J.
on February 16, 2024


Review by J.D.
on February 14, 2024

You could advertise through Google using "FAA drug testing program" as a key word. When I searched this your site is nowhere to be found. You are loosing customers to the Google search.

Review by E.G.
on February 7, 2024


Review by S.C.
on February 7, 2024

Alisha and Jane were very helpful in the setting-up process. Much appreciated!

Review by T.F.
on February 7, 2024

Very easy to work with and they keep us compliant!

Review by K.R.S.R.
on January 30, 2024

Would like to see the entire process before doing a survey. As of now things are good.

Review by E.D.S.W.
on January 25, 2024

I wish there was more locations in your network in Alaska.

Review by J.A.H.
on January 24, 2024

you make it easy and flawless. would highly recommend

Review by R.B.
on January 23, 2024

Easy to deal with.Good communications

Review by H.T.
on January 17, 2024


Review by K.B.
on January 15, 2024

Upfront and professional. Very good at explaining the rules

Review by H.S.
on January 3, 2024

It's been good helpful and friendly staff.

Review by E.M.
on January 2, 2024

Good experience

Review by D.V.A.W.
on December 27, 2023

I have always had a great experience with USDTC. Your customer service is one of the best.

Review by A.P.
on December 26, 2023


Review by K.T.
on December 19, 2023

Not a thing

Review by P.F.
on December 13, 2023

Very satisfied with the service

Review by K.B.
on December 12, 2023

They are extremely helpful

Review by N.O.
on December 5, 2023


Review by C.A.
on November 23, 2023


Review by R.J.
on November 22, 2023

Staff makes sure you are aware of how to keep your company compliant with laws and have helped me through multiple processes that were new to me.

Review by N.A.
on November 15, 2023

I really like it

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