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It's Getting More Difficult to Find Drug-Free Employees

Posted: May 20 2016

By: Ashlee Arnold

In today's world, it's always a good idea to have a drug-free workplace policy in place for your employees. As we've covered in previous blog posts, there is a multitude of reasons as to why a company should conduct drug testing. However, there is one complication that seems to be growing as of late: It's becoming harder and harder for certain fields to hire people who can pass a drug test.

It's one thing to have a drug testing policy in place, but it's another to be able to find workers who are willing to go and take a drug test and subsequently pass. Why has this situation become more complex? More relaxed marijuana laws across the nation mean more people can now use it in their free time, but if they're showing up to work with THC still in their system, it's a problem. And with marijuana use only growing and becoming legalized both medicinally and recreationally in more states across the country, this trend shows no signs of stopping, or even slowing down, anytime soon.

The legalization of marijuana has created a lot of grey area for the professional world. Applicants and employees understandably argue that their employers have no say over what they do in their free time, which is correct. However, what are we to do when their personal activities end up interfering with their jobs?

The opioid crisis is another problem. Our country's addiction to prescription painkillers continues to worsen. It becomes one more detail that HR managers and employers need to worry about when someone on their team tests positive for prescription painkillers. Are they using them responsibly? Are they abusing them?

women in a job interviewMaking sure that you hire workers who are drug-free is so important. It protects not only your company but anyone else that that worker might come in contact with — like the general public. Drug testing is a great preventative tool that will benefit your company in big ways. If someone is really serious about wanting a job and working hard, they won't run away from taking a drug test, because they won't have to.

The aforementioned challenges also highlight the need for a reliable drug-free workplace policy. This is where you'll outline, in detail, what you will and won't accept in your workplace. A policy ensures all of your staff members are on the same page and understand what's expected of them.

Maintaining a drug-free workplace can feel overwhelming. US Drug Test Centers can help you with all of your drug testing needs. From ordering an actual drug test to setting up a drug-free workplace program and policy, we can help you create a drug-free atmosphere in your company. Contact us today at 866-566-0261 to get more information on our services. You can never go wrong when it comes to making sure your company and employees are safe.

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