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Review by R.G.
on May 5, 2023

comfortable to deal with

Review by A.P.
on May 5, 2023


Review by B.K.B.K.
on May 3, 2023

All great!

Review by A.G.
on May 3, 2023

It was great. Got my referral yesterday and went to the site and had test performed. Just got my email with the required test results and forms. Great turnaround time! Thanks!

Review by N.M.
on May 2, 2023

It was a great experience

Review by T.C.
on May 2, 2023


Review by T.S.
on April 29, 2023


Review by T.B.
on April 29, 2023

Very helpful costumer service

Review by M.J.D.
on April 27, 2023

Great professional service

Review by K.H.
on April 26, 2023

Very prefessional. Have never had an issue and have always received quarterly random selections and if our drivers are picked we receive results in timely manner.

Review by J.A.
on April 26, 2023

Very helpful!

Review by S.B.
on April 26, 2023

Very friendly. Explained everything in detail.

Review by E.M.
on April 26, 2023

I think they are very fair and have also allowed me to switch facilities when I had issues with one that was wanting me to sign to pay for the test! After confronting the manager of the office and saying I would not sign and them telling me they would not test without my signature to pay, I walked out to my car and right away called DTC and they set me up with another nearby facility. These tests always feel a little awkward with employees looking at you like you have done something wrong right from the start. Having a list of different facilities close by to perform these tests is really important to me! Now with my new job, my employer has also put me in a pool so I am not sure I need to be in two? I may discontinue with DTC, but I have been very happy with their notification system.

Review by M.P.
on April 26, 2023

Excellent customer service and fast to resolve any issues.

Review by E.M.P.
on April 25, 2023

Attentive customer service!!

Review by S.D.
on April 25, 2023


Review by D.W.
on April 25, 2023


Review by W.M.
on April 19, 2023

Was fast and easy appreciate the willingness to help and work with me and their professionalism

Review by M.K.J.A.
on April 19, 2023

Great! Every time I call they take care of my issues/questions immediately. Everyone I've spoken to there is very knowledgable.

Review by V.J.
on April 19, 2023

Fast service 24 hours

Review by E.W.
on April 19, 2023

Customer service is great!

Review by G.V.
on April 19, 2023

It was fine. Simple

Review by K.R.
on April 18, 2023

It was very smooth

Review by M.M.
on April 14, 2023

Very pleasant

Review by D.P.
on April 13, 2023


Review by C.W.
on April 12, 2023

Quick and courteous response

Review by D.M.
on April 11, 2023

Everything went smoothly. ITIS FOR A GOOD CAUSE.

Review by J.M.
on April 9, 2023


Review by R.M.
on April 7, 2023

Personable, efficient, professional, attentive, and on time. Every single person we encountered was very nice and very much on their toes.

Review by T.G.
on April 6, 2023

Efficient and professional

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