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The Opioid Crisis has impacted the state of Illinois in a devastating fashion. According to recent statistics, "Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) data shows 2,278 drug-related overdose deaths during 2016. This represents a 44.3 percent increase over the 1,579 drug-related overdose deaths that were reported."

Illinois has attempted to address the issue of Drug and Alcohol deaths and especially opiates in a variety of fashions including the establishment of Illinois Public Act 096-0361 which allowed non-medical persons to administer Naloxone, a medication to prevent heroin overdoses from becoming fatal. Subsequently, the Illinois Public Act 097-0687 or "Good Samaritan law" ensured that those providing assistance and those receiving it wouldn't be persecuted for felony possession (within limits).

Finding A Drug Test Location Near You

While these laws and others help to respond to the drug crisis, there is an acute need or preventative services such as the drug and alcohol testing offered by US Drug Test Centers. We provide immediate service and same day testing for individuals and companies in all of Illinois. Our drug testing services include testing urine and hair, as well as EtG alcohol test. Whatever kind of drug test you're looking for, we have.

The e7 Heath of Chicago is a regional office for US Drug Test Centers. Located at 29 East Madison St. Suite 1640 Chicago, IL 60602, our office is available for same day testing. To schedule an appointment directly with this office, Email: [email protected], Phone: 312-997-5522, or Fax: 312-277-3223.

Drug and alcohol testing services are offered in all areas of Illinois such as: Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, Joliet, Naperville, Springfield, Peoria, Elgin, Waukegan, Cicero, Champaign, Bloomington, Decatur, Arlington Heights, Evanston, Schaumburg, Bolingbrook, Palatine,, Skokie, Des Plaines, Orland Park, Oak Lawn, Berwyn, Tinley Park, Mount Prospect, Wheaton, Normal, Hoffman Estates, Oak Park, Downers Grove, Glenview and all other cities. . US Drug Test Centers are open daily and immediate service is available as customer service specialists are standing by waiting to take your order. For most tests, same day results are available.

If you are looking for a drug testing center in Illinois, call US Drug Test Centers. We test for drug and alcohol abuse per your conditions. Many attorneys work with US Drug Test Centers for drug testing in legal and court-mandated cases, as well as probation. Contact us today at 866-566-0261.

Testing options may vary on a site by site basis. Additional fees may apply depending on your location.

US Drug Test Centers

US Drug Test Centers

We are your complete drug-free workplace solution for employers. We provide drug testing for all reasons such as pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, and return to duty. We have a state-of-the-art cloud-based software that allows you to order drug testing 24/7, store all drug test results and chain of custody forms (forever), and you can see the status of all completed drug testing. We have random drug and alcohol testing consortiums and follow all DOT rules and regulations to direct your company in the right direction to stay in compliance. We can create drug-free workplace policy manuals specific to your company’s needs, and we provide online trainings. Our online trainings are perfect for company Supervisors to learn what signs to look for if someone might be under the influence. We also have trainings that explain what Supervisors should know about the DOT rules and regulations in regards to the drug and alcohol testing program. We are a part of the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA), and we always stay up to date with all drug testing-related rules and regulations. If you have any questions about state-specific laws regarding drug and alcohol testing, please contact our office and one of our team members will be glad to help you. If your company would like more information regarding setting up a corporate account you can set up an account online or contact us at 866-566-0261.

Frequently Asked Questions About Illinois Drug Testing

This material is intended for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for legal guidance. State & local laws change frequently and vary greatly. These are state & local laws and do not over rule the federal Department of Transportation laws & policies. Readers are advised to consult with their legal counsel or industry experts before acting based on this information. Last Updated Sep 2022

Illinois Drug Testing FAQs

Do employers in Illinois need to comply with mandatory state-specific rules when drug & alcohol testing?
No. Illinois does not have any mandatory drug testing statutes or regulations but it is recommended.
Is a Drug-Free Workplace policy required in Illinois?
No, however, employers are strongly encouraged to have a written policy in place (Policy is specifically required to comply with the Illinois’ voluntary law).
Are employers in Illinois able to use drug screening for any other claim defenses or state-specific financial benefits?
Yes. Employers may leverage an ‘Intoxication’ defense to a Workers’ Compensation Claim, based on a positive drug test result. A positive drug test may also make an employee ineligible for unemployment compensation. Employers wishing to leverage either of these benefits must voluntarily comply with very detailed program rules.
Does Illinois authorize marijuana (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD) use?
Yes. This state authorizes personal adult use (effective 1/1/2020) and the medical use of marijuana. The medical marijuana law/pilot program impacts the workplace. Employers are prohibited from discriminating against an individual’s status authorize medical marijuana patient. Employers are permitted to have a zero-tolerance policy and discipline due to a positive drug test result. An employer may consider an employee to be impaired or under the influence of cannabis if the employer has a good faith belief that an employee manifests specific articulable symptom(s) while at work. Some confusion has arisen from the states “Right to Privacy in the Workplace Act” which protects those who use “lawful products” from discrimination at work (marijuana will now be considered a lawful product in the state of IL).  However, Section 5(b) states: “This Section does not apply to the use of those lawful products which impairs an employee's ability to perform the employee's assigned duties.” 

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Establish a Drug Free Workplace Program

Companies can contact US Drug Test Centers to establish complete drug free workplace programs. Company programs are accessible for both DOT regulated companies and for non-DOT regulated companies. DOT regulated trucking companies should look no further than US Drug Test Centers for DOT compliant drug testing programs. We provide programs for trucking companies with as little as one driver to ten thousand drivers. Owner-operators can call today to be enrolled into our DOT random consortium for trucking companies in Illinois.

In Illinois, employers can save money with drug testing because the state has decided to make Workers Compensation benefits more challenging to get for those who may be inebriated on the job. The state has approved the "Presumptive Denial Law", which means if you test positive for drugs or alcohol, you are declined your workers' compensation benefits. According to the ruling, it must be confirmed that inebriation is indeed the "proximate cause" of the worker's injuries or that the employee was "so inebriated at the time of the injury that the intoxication was a parting from occupation."

Drug and alcohol testing must be directed according to the National Labor Relations Board or Department of Transportation guidelines. If the worker declines to take the test, he is assumed guilty of being intoxicated on the job. The employee has the right to petition. If he has a prescription for the drugs that may have produced the inebriation, then he must present it in his defense. He can try to validate that being intoxicated alone was not the sole cause of the injury.

More About US Drug Test Centers

US Drug Test Centers functions at a regional office for drug and alcohol examination in Chicago. Offices for drug screen collections and alcohol testing are located in all areas of the State. Drug and alcohol testing is available for employers and individuals. Our drug test centers concentrate on court-ordered testing, probation drug testing, legal case drug testing, testing of teenagers and personal drug testing. Instantaneous service is accessible with one quick phone call. All drug testing services are confidential and protected.

Companies in Illinois are highly encouraged to speak about medical marijuana in their drug free workplace policies. Compliance advisors at US Drug Test Centers are available to support employer with drug free workplace policies.

State's Drug-Free Workplace Act requires companies with 25 or more personnel who are given a state contract or grant for more than $5,000 to have a drug-free workplace program set up. The program must meet precise drug-free workplace program requirements provided by the state. An isolated law exists in Illinois that orders and regulates drug testing by public works companies.

If you need a drug test now, call US Drug Test Centers; same day service is available and for many drug tests same day drug test results are available. Our US Drug Test Centers offer hair drug testing, EtG alcohol testing, urine drug testing and many other options. Company programs can be set up hastily for pre-employment, random and post-accident drug testing. In Chicago for drug testing give us a call today.

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